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Why endure a lengthy traditional loan process to get the equipment you need now?

With ViewRidge Funding, you’re just 24 hours away from financing the equipment required to improve and grow your business.

When it comes to starting or expanding a business, one of the most important considerations is how to finance the purchase of new equipment. Equipment financing is a type of loan that can provide the capital you need to buy the equipment your business needs to grow. You can use an equipment loan to purchase anything from office furniture and medical equipment to farm or commercial machinery.

There are many benefits to equipment financing, such as:

  • Preserving working capital - equipment financing is a source of funding that allows you to not only keep your cash, but use it as working capital for other areas of your business such as expansion, improvements, marketing, or R&D.
  • Managing risk - equipment financing can help mitigate the uncertainty of investing in a capital asset your business needs until it achieves a desired return, increases efficiency, saves costs, or meets other business objectives.
  • Flexibility in terms and payments - equipment financing may hedge inflation risk because you can delay paying for your equipment in today's dollars. In addition, either a lease or loan can lock in the rates that exist on the date of the closing.
  • Potential tax advantages - tax-oriented leases are a great way for businesses to take advantage of lower rent prices, as the lessor retains title and depreciation. A tax-oriented lease is a transaction that includes the value of tax benefits.

Your Account Executives will work relentlessly to get the best deal for you on the equipment you need. Whether you own a new company, have damaged credit, or are buying unusual equipment for your specialized business… we have the experienced equipment finance experts who will find you the best option.

ViewRidge Funding has an incentive to grow your business. If you grow— we all grow —it’s the American dream!