Cook Up Something Good with Restaurant Business Financing

Between fluctuations in working capital, seasonal changes in demand, sudden equipment failure, and securing skilled staff members, restaurant owners have their fair share of challenges. Wondering what funding option is right for your restaurant or cafe? Read on for more information about two of our most popular funding products for restaurant and cafe owners.

Working Capital Loan

A small business working capital loan is one of the easiest solutions for restaurant and hospitality business owners. It can assist with helping businesses harness their full potential. Working capital loans act as unsecured debt, which means you as the business owner will not need to provide collateral as with traditional loan methods. This has many advantages for restaurants that are in the early stages or those who find themselves low on capital. Here is an example of a few of the ways you can use a working capital loan for your restaurant or café:

  • Pay Seasonal Expenses

If your restaurant experiences an influx of business during certain times of the year and needs to purchase additional inventory or hire short-term workers to get through the busy season, a working capital loan can help alleviate the financial burden. 

  • Make Renovations and Improvements to Your Business

A working capital loan can give you the ability to make renovations and improvements such as expanding to a new location, repainting your current spot, or adding an outdoor dining patio to your restaurant. 

  • Cover Seasonal Lulls in Sales

Additional cash allows your business stay afloat when business is slow and you have a lull in sales. 

  • Marketing Projects

Use a working capital loan to launch a new marketing campaign, increase your restaurant’s online presence, build a new website, or to advertise on social media.

  • Cover Day-to-Day Expenses 

Need some help paying the rent, utility bills, or covering payroll? A working capital loan can also be used for basic operating expenses when you’re short on cash. 

Equipment Financing

Why endure a lengthy traditional loan process to get the equipment you need for your restaurant now? With ViewRidge Funding, you’re just 24 hours away from financing the equipment required to improve and grow your hospitality business. Whether you own a new company, have damaged credit, or are buying unusual equipment for your specialized restaurant business…we have experienced equipment finance experts who will find you the best option. Some examples of ways your restaurant or café can use equipment financing are to purchase:

  • Point of Sale hardware and software
  • Tables and chairs
  • Kitchen equipment like ovens or refrigerators
  • Replacement equipment for sudden equipment failures
  • Light fixtures
  • And more.

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