Spring Awakening – Bring Your Outdoor Spaces Back to Life

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your business’ outdoor space. No matter the size of your business, upgrading your outdoor space is a great way to show customers that you care about their overall experience. With just a few small changes, you can transform your exterior into an inviting and visually appealing area for customers to enjoy.

Applying for funding to spruce up your outdoor area could benefit your business tremendously. Not only will this improve the overall experience for customers, but it can also help to increase sales by providing a warm, inviting atmosphere that catches customers’ eyes and encourages them to visit.

Here are a few areas to liven up this spring!

Outdoor Dining Areas

Outside dining is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to enjoy the great outdoors, especially on the heels of a pandemic.  

Building an outdoor dining area for customers is a great way to maximize space and create an inviting atmosphere. It provides patrons with a pleasant, al fresco experience while enjoying their meals.

Reviving your existing outdoor dining is doable in a few easy steps and will make the space more inviting and enjoyable. Investing in new, comfortable seating options and tables will give your dining area a fresh look and feel. Adding some decorations to the space is another easy way to make it more inviting. Consider hanging lights or stringing up wall art for a touch of ambience. Lanterns and scented candles can help create a relaxed setting and wireless speakers will make it possible to enjoy some background music. You can also add some greenery, such as potted plants or hanging planters to add some nature to the area.

With the right investments, you can make your outdoor dining area a destination that draws customers in and keeps them coming back.

Landscaping / Garden Areas

An outdoor garden area is an excellent amenity for hotels, communities, spas, and other establishments. Not only does an outdoor garden provide a beautiful landscape to enjoy, but it also offers numerous benefits to guests.

An outdoor garden can bring in more visitors by providing a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It can also provide guests with an opportunity to connect with nature, which can lead to a more positive experience. Additionally, outdoor gardens can help increase air quality and reduce noise levels in surrounding areas. They can also be used to host events such as concerts or special occasions, providing income as well as an enjoyable and memorable atmosphere for everyone involved. With careful planning, businesses can benefit from the eco-friendly aspects of outdoor gardens, such as reducing energy consumption and providing a habitat for wildlife. Lastly, implementing an outdoor garden helps to increase the value of any property it adorns.

Investing in a well-maintained garden can be a great asset to any establishment. With the right design, plants, and features, it can become a haven for visitors to enjoy and create lasting memories.

Building Exteriors

Buildings with no outdoor areas can still “awaken” their business this spring. When it comes to the exterior of a building, there are many ways to bring life and depth to the space.

Update your look, and boost your marketing strategy, by adding new signage. Installing an eye-catching sign can help draw in customers, making it a great investment for any business. In addition to creating an attractive sign, it is important to consider the visibility of your sign. Placement of signs at eye-level or higher will ensure they are seen by potential customers. Utilizing colors that contrast with the building or surroundings can also help make the sign stand out. In addition to helping draw attention, signs are also great for reinforcing brand awareness and creating familiarity with potential customers.

Another great way to increase a business’ curb appeal and draw in customers is with a new paint job. A refreshed color scheme can give the impression of a clean, well-maintained establishment. Furthermore, a new paint job can help to showcase the business’s brand and attract more people who are interested in what it has to offer. Utilizing professional painters with experience in commercial projects can help to ensure the job is done well and looks great. Customers will appreciate the extra effort that goes into making the business more attractive and welcoming.

Finally, take advantage of the season by planting seasonal flowers and shrubs near your business’ entrance. Lush colorful blooms can be a great way to welcome customers and make them feel at home.

Upgrading your business’ exterior is sure to draw in more customers and enhance the overall atmosphere of your business.

Public Spaces / Walkways

You can also use this time of year to improve foot traffic around your business by adding landscaping features like pathways and lighting. Pathways made of pavers, stones, wood chips, or gravel can give customers a clear way to navigate your business’ exterior. Solar-powered lanterns make excellent accent pieces that will illuminate the area around your business for nighttime visitors. Adding landscaping features will create an inviting look and make it easier for potential customers to find your business.

Viewridge Can Help You Reinvigorate Your Business

Refreshing an outdoor area can help bring more customers and revenue to a business. By increasing the aesthetic appeal and utility of the space, it can become a destination that sets it apart from other competitors. Having an inviting and well-maintained outdoor area can make all the difference in bringing in new customers and keeping existing ones.

It is important to think about the type of funding that you need for your project. Perhaps you are looking for financial support to help purchase new plants and trees, or to build outdoor structures like trellises or gazebos to add more interest and depth. Whatever your plan, Viewridge can provide the capital.